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Here are some additional pictures of the products to help you see what you're getting.  All cases are lined with luxurious velvet to be kind and soft on your device.

My new favourite iPhone 4/4s box is the Calpis Blue/White box.   See the pic below:

Particularly entertaining is the little red logo saying in best Japanese English "Happy Refresh"

Let us know if you've gotta have one of these.

An Array of iPhone Boxes
There are lots of interesting juice boxes at your local specialty Asian food store, so if you want something a bit different, you're in the right place.  Let us know if you have some favourite colours or styles from what you see here.

Business Card Holders
It makes a great statement to pull this out to give a colleague a business card.  What an environmentally conscious person! Holds about 45 standard North American style biz cards. (Let me know if you have sizes other than 90 x 51mm (3.5" x 2.0") cards and I can make another a box to fit your style too. Just get in touch.

iPod Touch or iPhone case:
Available for the iPod Touch, and all the iPhone variants (gen1, 3GS, 4, 4s).
On an iPod Touch or a iPhone 4, it will fit your device with or without some silicone bumpers.  (For the older iPhones it's a bit too snug with a silicone bumper on. It's good to let us know if you have a bumper on your phone. Send a pic if you can, and we'll make it a bit more generously sized.)

Pink - original prototype iPT-001

Plum Boxes! These are sold out.  Loved the Chinese characters and colours, but sadly we don't come across this brand anymore. Enjoy it if you have one!

This white Soya Milk box looks very sleek too - Has some Chinese characters, plus a lovely pair of coconuts!  These are still available (and a rare GOOD tasting beverage thankfully).

Casio Camera Case
Most customers are looking for the Apple - compatible cases above.  But my original design was focussed on my camera (oops - pun!).  This design has been the delight of friends with the same camera models.   It fit's the Exilim Ex-S10 and Ex-S5 and probably a bunch of others.  Check your camera's dimensions, and if they are 103 x 65 x 16 or a couple of mm slightly smaller you are probably okay. Thickness shouldn't be less than 13mm or it will be too loose.

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